Grab the attention of your visitors by embedding audio in your website for free*!

Integrates audio seamlessly into your website or blog!

Non-invasive, non-intrusive - by embedding a small code snippet into your website or blog you can load our simple audio player button. Push it once to play, and again to pause. It’s that easy to use.

Manage Audio

Manage Audio
  • Embed it on your website or blog
  • Start with 3 free audio containers* and easily upgrade for more when you need audio embeds

Create Audio

Create Audio
  • Professional quality audio production turns your vision into reality
  • Packages designed to fit your needs - find out how it works!

Become A Reseller

Become Reseller
  • Web developer reseller program
  • Easy-to-manage system is a perfect addition for web developers

Generate a QR code for your audio embeds

Adding an audio embed QR code to your print projects allows you to add extra depth and provide additional information to the viewer. Scan it, click it, play it - it's that easy to get started!

Scan the QR code with your phone! Arrow pointing to qr code example

QR Code Example
QR Examples in the Real World; Business cards, menus, produce label

Endless options for QR code audio embeds!

QR code audio embeds allow you to add depth and detail to your print needs. Perfect for business cards, posters, signs, and much more!

Add audio to your static brochure


Affordable packages tailored to your business needs. Click the Sign Up Today button below to get started.

Total Audio Containers Price
10 $119.99 (Annual plan only)
100 $69.99 / month
250 $159.99 / month
500 $279.99 / month
501 & above Please contact us for pricing

* All free audio containers include a "Powered by" notice at the end of each audio embed.

Corporate Account

Require more than 80 audio containers? Let us know! We can tailor your Click It Audio subscription to meet your needs.

Starting at 100 Please contact us for pricing

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